Early Stage PROCLIPI

Patients diagnosed with early stages of MF (stage IA-IIA) will be registered onto the PROCLIPI database hosted by University Hospital Birmingham (UHB). Clinical, haematological, immunohistochemical, genotypic and treatment data will be recorded alongside documentation of tissue available in the Federated Biobank. 1826 patients will be recruited from July 2015-2020. Follow-up data to minimally include current stage and treatment will be required annually for a minimum of 5 years. Opportunity to collect data beyond 10 years will be available. All patients will be subject to a central clinicopathological review to confirm diagnosis.

Data will be analysed to determine prognostic factors at diagnosis which may predict rapid stage progression. Prognostic factors will also be analysed at disease progression and survival from progression to advanced stage disease will be compared. Treatment responses and response duration will be compared along with time to next systemic therapy.