Federated Biobank

The federated biobank will provide a unique opportunity to perform translational studies on prognostic and treatment response/failure markers. The studies may help develop improved management strategies in patients with advanced MF/SS by identifying risk groups that can be rationally aligned with appropriate therapies and help us identify markers predictive of treatment response or failure.

A CLIC Biobank WG, led by Maarten Vermeer (Leiden), was established to spearhead this important goal. A robust Biobank is the lifeline for CLIC’s translational research goals. We plan to collect, register, and maintain clinical samples at predefined time points that will give optimal information on the molecular evolution of the tumor cells. The collection of material will be linked to the clinical and path/molecular data annotation in the PROCLIPI and PROSYST. This design allows us to select the most informative tissue samples to assess for biomarkers that correlate with survival, disease or risk progression, and/or treatment outcomes. We have established the type and timing of sampling and have refined the standard operating procedures (SOP) for the biomaterial collection, processing, and storage.