Pathology Pilot Project

Given the complexity of coordinating an efficient process for pathology to be reviewed by an international panel of experts, we have added a new pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of this central review process. This pilot utilizes the scanning of glass slides at a central site to share images via a web-interface with the panel of experts. If significant disagreements arise concerning participating sites’ pathology data, the panel would give feedback to the originating site for correction. The pathology pilot project, led by Alejandro Gru, (UVA), is internationally planned for 100 cases.

Advanced stage cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (AS-CTCL) are associated with an aggressive behavior, and a typical survival range from 1 – 5 years, after diagnosis. However, an extraordinary degree of clinical and pathologic heterogeneity exists, with a wide range of outcome within stages. We postulate that such degree of heterogeneity might be linked, at least in part, to the variability and somewhat poor reproducibility of the histologic diagnosis of AS-CTCL. Therefore, we aim to study the role of central pathology review, using digital slide scanning, in the evaluation of patients with AS-CTCL in both a retrospective (PILOT) and prospective approach. One of the major aims for the PILOT study is to analyze the feasibility of a prospective international multicenter study at a small and retrospective scale.