Submit New CLIC Proposals


  • Any new proposal which constitutes either clinical, pathological, or translational research (or combo) will be submitted to CLIC Steering Committee , initially as one page letter of intent.
  • The one page letter of intent will include also the rational for including the study in CLIC project .
  • The Steering Committee will decide whether the proposal has an interest for CLIC study. If yes, then the full length of the proposal will be requested.
  • An Ad Hoc review committee with expertise in the proposed topic will be assigned (may include members of the Steering Committee).
  • The Ad Hoc committee will complete a review of the project and submit recommendations to the Steering Committee, which will decide whether to approve a new CLIC proposal.
  • The appropriate working groups will then be established for the new project according to the specific topic. The person/institution who proposed the project will have leadership in the design, conduct and authorship.
  • Publication policy- authorship seniority should be based on those proposing the study and reflect centers contribution. ┬áSteering committee members?
  • Call for proposals: once a year


CLIC Proposal Process developed by: Emilia Hodak & Iris Amitay- Laish